Our Philosophy

Design Distinction beyond Compare

            “When we decided to embark on our journey to create exquisite and distinctive design interiors, I wanted the whole process to be so much more than simply buying furniture; I wanted our clients to feel the same response in our showroom that they might feel in an exclusive Diamond merchants when selecting a rare jewel, a precious work of art...”

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           “the client’s ideas infect us, inspiring, encouraging, with a common desire that creates original and unique results. This is reflected in the totally unique furniture ranges we select from our unsurpassed high calibre manufacturers. The names speak for themselves. Take, for example, GIORGETTI. Since its founding in 1908, the company has raised the level of quality to a very great height and since then never deviates from this standard. For MORELATO, their unique furniture is derived from wood planted in their very own exclusive tree plantations in southern Italy. Meanwhile, ANNIBALE COLOMBO extensively uses exotic wood of Latin American and Asian species. So desirable is their furniture that it has become an object not just of pride and admiration, but it is also highly collectable. So much so that in time, its value raises the piece to that of an antique. Therefore, selling each copy requires a special responsibility and dealing with it as a piece of art. And this is my approach toward my customers - the true connoisseurs of beauty, quality and comfort”.