While working on a project of Private Beach Front Apartment,  our client had an issue with furniture selection. There were nothing on local market that could satisfy his demand. So we decided to search through Italy for different manufacturers. And we have discovered the whole new world of amazing products and we couldn't hold back any more...

2008 - present

We have opened our gallery SENSO DEL TEMPO, where the best manufacturers from all over Europe are gathered together. Since then we have done many different projects, both residential and commercial.


Managing Director

Anastasia Blinova

When the pressure is on, there is no one like Anastasia to get the job done. She is the driving force with her passion for organization and implementation. However, there is another side, an artistic side. Anastasia can interpret ideas, seek out stunning pieces of furniture or find a manufacturer of the most delicate furnishing fabric. It could be said that her personal, hands-on involvement in the process from start to finish is just as important as the actual design process.



Interior Designer

Alex Losikov

It began many years ago, when Alex was a designer of private yachts in the former USSR. Now with more than 25 years of experience in space designing, Alex is the creative genius behind Bureau d’Art Nouveau. Traveling through countless countries awakened Alex to different cultures, different thinking, ideas and possibilities that could be translated into unique living spaces and amazing surroundings. A common fallacy is that interior design is simply an understanding of color, style and budget: interior design has complexities that reach far beyond this, and to create an all-embracing, cohesive outcome requires exceptional talent… that talent is Alex.